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Basic Bobcat Hunting Tips: Bobcats 101

The bobcat is a pest in several states as it feasts on chickens, deer, and other animals. Before you find out how to get rid of the bobcat pest or find out how to hunt bobcats, you need some basic bobcat background information. For detailed bobcat hunting tips go to my other post: Bobcat Hunting Tips

Bobcat Appearance and Names:
The bobcat has gone by many names throughout its existence. Some names are: bay lynx, lynx cat, red lynx, wildcat, and even its Latin name, lynx Rufus. Adult bobcats normally weigh about 20 pounds but large male bobcats can reach 40 pounds. Female bobcats tend to be slightly smaller than males. Some distinguishing features of the bobcat are its small bobbed tails with lopsided dark markings and tufts of hair on its ears. During the summer, the bobcat’s coat may be slightly red, but in the winter it tends to turn more grey or white.

Bobcat Mating:
Bobcats will usually take several different mates during their lifetime. The bobcat mating season starts around February and can go until April or farther, depending where you live. Bobcats become sexually mature when they reach 2 years of age. Females usually give birth to a litter of around 2 or 3 kittens during the months of April through July. This takes place in a den which the bobcat mother finds. Bobcats often re-use their dens over the course of several years.

What Do Bobcats Eat:

Bobcats eat prey similar to what coyotes would eat. Rabbits and hares tend to be the main diet of bobcats, but they also eat squirrels, birds, mice, and even fawns. Bobcats are capable of killing young, old, or sick deer and this is why they are sometimes targeted by deer hunters.

Bobcat Location:
The majority of American bobcats live in the upper portions of Wisconsin and Michigan. Also, bobcats are very common in Canada. The territory range of a typical bobcat is between 15 and 25 square miles. They mark their territory with urine/pee, feces, and other gland markings.

Bobcat Activity:
Bobcats, like most felines, are most active during the twilight hours; though bobcats will tend to increase activity during winter. Bobcats usually will move around 2 miles per week.

Basic Bobcat Hunting Tips:
To hunt bobcats, you will most likely need just a hunting license and a gun. Bobcats can be harder to hunt that deer and sometimes just drawing a license can be a challenge in some states. The most typical way to hunt bobcats is by calling but there are also many other bobcat hunting techniques and tips that I discuss in my other bobcat hunting tips post.

What Gun For Bobcat Hunting:
A good gun for bobcat hunting is whatever gun you are comfortable. Some common calibers used are .223 Rem, .222 Rem, .220 Swift, and .243 Rem. Some people prefer to use a shotgun when bobcat hunting and any shotgun 20 gauge or bigger will work.

Basically, bobcat hunting is about knowing the prey and finding what works for you.

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