Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Guide to Buying a Used Gun

This is the second of three posts on guns (Proper Gun Maintenence and The .50 BMG Rifle- For Hunting?. Normally I wouldn’t advise someone to buy a used gun, but if you are on a tight budget, here are some tips for you.

The Barrel has a Bulge or is Bulimic:
A barrel with some light pitting inside shouldn’t be of too much concern. It should shoot fine and if it gets worse the gunsmith should be able to fix it easily. What you should be concerned for is larger holes that would hold a no. 8 or 9 pellet. If you see these walk away. Also, if there is any bulges in the barrel walk away because this could cause a misfiring or even a shattered barrel.

Bad Triggers:
This especially applies to double barrel guns. If a double barrel gun has heavy or dragging trigger(s), be prepared to shell out some money for this to get fixed, it will be expensive. A single barrel trigger shouldn’t be too expensive to fix.

Twisting Barrels:
Also know as Damascus barrels, these are recognized from the twisting pattern of the steel. Watch out for these, they are more prone to be less safe with lower pressure smokeless powder. Don’t but these unless you are the man (and by that I mean - you know everything and you’re an expert on guns, which in this case you don’t need to read this post).

Weird Stock:
Make sure the stock is comfortable. Some older guns have an extreme drop at the heel; this may cause you to be uncomfortable. It is expensive and hard to bend these into a comfortable position. Stay away from guns that need restocking because it is usually more expensive than what you would get if you went right back around and sold it.

Check the Chamber Dimension:
Some older guns have 2 ½ or 2 9/16 inch chambers. It is difficult if not impossible to find ammo for these guns or to change them into modern sizes. These would be a definite “walk away.”

A used gun can provide lots of enjoyment to a shooter and a collector. Make sure that you follow these rules if you are going to buy one. Many guns are sold for cheap when they are used and many of these guns are safe, but those few ruin it for everyone. So always check it before you buy it.

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Big Pappa said...

You might also want to check for bolt wear as an indication of use. Check for missing screws. In the case of a shotgun, check that you can get the choke out, if it has screw in type chokes. Also check the rib on a shotgun, if it's bent, you may want to look closer at the BBL. Rifles, make sure the gun won't fire when banged on the butt. If someone who didn't know what they were doing has modified the trigger and made it to light, it may in an unsafe state.