Thursday, July 5, 2007

Turkey Hunting Tips: $30 Turkey Gun

If you ever need a new turkey gun, just buy or find (if you have on lying around the house) a youth gun. Youth guns are usually a little bit cheaper than adult guns and youth guns also have a lot of the same characteristics of a great turkey hunting gun.

About a year ago, I turned my old Mossberg 500 into a turkey gun. There are a lot of advantages with doing this. One is the size, the size of most youth gun barrels are around 20-21 inches, a very manageable size and great for turkey hunting. The small barrel keeps the gun from getting caught in bushes or trees while hunting. Also the stock is smaller which allows more control, and if you practice a little you will be able to shoot right or left handed. This will allow you to have the best position for a shot when you see a large tom turkey. Youth guns are also very light weight which allows for easy maneuverability.
Steps to turn your old youth gun into a prime turkey gun:1. Install a gun sling if one isn’t already on it ($10-30).
2. Buy and Insert a turkey or full choke ($15-30).
3. Optional: Upgrade the sights to a scope or red dot sight ($75-???).
4. Absolutely Necessary: Go out and kill some turkeys (Priceless).

There are some things money can't buy, for everything else, there's Master Card.

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Anonymous said...

This would have been useful information about a month ago haha. I just got myself a new gun so I could try my luck at shooting a "Tom" for Thanksgiving this year. I went a little nuts, but everything from The Sportsman's guide is cheap so I buy a bunch just because I can afford it. I got Camo, as well as a new hunting knife which I actually needed. But every time I get to the Shooting and Ammo section I blow a ton of money haha.