Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Six Turkey Hunting Tips

Everyone knows turkeys can be hard to hunt (like any other animal). Only the best hunters (or the ones with the most time) bring in a nice Tom year after year. For the hunters in need of a few extra tricks to have up their sleeves, here are six crazy turkey hunting tips.

6 hunting tips to get a tom

1. Stand and Shoot – Sitting down isn’t the only way to get a shot at a turkey sometimes you need to stand and shoot. One instance this is greatly helpful for is when you spook a turkey from about 20 yards out stand quickly and take a shot before they can fly away.

2. Dig a Ditch – You don’t have to be hunting waterfowl to use a pit blind. Using one for turkey you can be just as successful. When there is no cover close by for your set up, you have to dig a ditch to get the best chance at a tom.

3. Stalk ‘um on your belly – Don’t get used to just sitting with your back against a tree. Lots of times when you do this, turkeys will never get close enough for you to shoot. In these circumstances, ease on your belly and slowly crawl up to the inside shooting range.

4. Call with Wings – Calling a turkey with a scratch box or wood box isn’t the only way to call a turkey. If your calls aren’t working for you, try flapping a wing against your pants or if you don’t have a wing you can use a hat.

5. Break up the roost – If you know of a roost where a tom is roosting with some hens go there before daylight. When you get there and yell and scream this will scatter the roost. Then go back to your set up and wait a little bit. Then start calling the turkeys. After being scattered, turkeys will be more susceptible to calls because they are looking for their clan.

6. Hunt like your Deer Hunting – Sometimes you can’t call in a tom with a call. In these circumstances its best to know their habits. If you know their feeding pattern and roosting areas you will be easily able to set up a ambush site that will be successful year after year.

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