Wednesday, October 28, 2009

How to Call Coyotes - Tips for Coyote Hunters

Unlike most animals, to hunt coyotes you need to either bait them or call them in. Since baiting is illegal in a lot of states, I'm going to talk about calling coyotes.

The first step to calling coyotes is making sure there are coyotes in the close proximity. This can be done by scouting the land and looking for tracks or by asking landowners where they usually see coyotes.

The second step is setting up. You want to set up facing the wind. You also want the coyotes coming from in front of you. You will need to be in a spot that blurs your outline and provides clear shooting lanes.

Third you need to be camoflauged to fit the environment. If there is snow everywhere you should be wearing a green leafy camoflauge suit, you should be wearing something white.

Last but not least is the calling itself. The sound trying to be mimicked is the sound of a rabbit in distress. Almost all commercial calls will make this call fine. Electronic calls provide some advantage, as they can be set up away from where you are, so the coyotes don't see you. (Electronic calls are illegal in some states so check your hunting laws.) You want to call for about 10-15 seconds then wait 2-5 minutes before calling again. You should stay put for about 30 minutes until moving to your next stand.

Coyote hunting can be fun and exciting. It also gets rid of many pests that farmers hate. Calling is key to coyote hunting, but the set up for coyote hunting is more important. You can be the best coyote caller in the world, but if you aren't set up right you won't kill a single coyote.

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Shawn said...

Great tips. I love my remote caller. Like you said, you can put it away from you so they won't be looking directly at you. I just got it for christmas and I have great results. It is the best for
calling coyote I have seen yet.