Sunday, July 15, 2007

11 Coyote Hunting Tips

Many people see coyotes and are in range to shoot them, but they miss. These are some of the top reasons why people miss a shot at a coyote or predators (some of this doesn't just apply to predators but to all animals).

Eleven Reasons for missing a Coyote:

1) Too much scope - Many people think that the more scope power the better. This isn't always true. When you have too much scope power, you'll miss a shot at a coyote that surprises you at a close range. To prevent this always keep your scope at a low magnitude and increase it if needed.

2) Not having a rest - Shots at coyotes can be up to 300 yards or 400 if your really good. Not having a rest will make your gun wobble uncontrollably these longer ranges. Getting some sort of rest is a must if you are serious about coyote hunting. You can by one at a store or make you own.

3) Can't hit 'em while they're running - All your shots at a coyote won't be while he is standing still. Be able to handle the running shot. Great practice for this is flushing out rabbits with a .22 or other similar caliber.

4) Forgot trajectory - At 200 yards a rifle bullet won't still be flying straight it will start to dip. Many times people when they are hunting forget about this and their shot goes low. To prevent this practice, practice, practice. Practice at different yardage to figure out you trajectory.

5) It's windy - With almost all shots over 100 yards the wind has to be taken into account. Just a little wind can move your bullet a couple inches. This could be the difference in a clean kill or a couple hours of tracking.

6) Closed lanes - If you only have a small opening to shoot at a coyote your shot will be hurried and off target. To prevent this make sure your shooting a lanes are clear and your have lots of open space.

7) Didn't pick a spot - This is a frequent occurrence among people. They tend to aim at just the general vital area instead of picking a spot to shoot. Practicing picking a spot while shooting will greatly increase your kills.

8) Haven't practiced - If you go into the coyote season without shooting your gun at all except for the weekend before. You are going to be a pretty poor shot and will miss some that you should have had.

9) You don't understand coyotes - Lots of hunters don't understand coyote behavior and the coyote will surprise the hunter when he sprints towards the rabbit call like they sometimes do (unlike a bobcat which stalks its prey).

10) Your butt hurts- If you don't have a comfortable seat you won't be able to stay on a stand as long and you will miss many opportunities. Get a comfortable hunting seat and that problem should be taken care of.

11) You're flinching - This is a big reason why younger shooters miss. This can be because you have a gun that is too big or because your gun is too loud. You can help prevent these problems by buying a recoil pad and ear muffs.
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Anonymous said...

Great Post James. This really shows a lot about why people miss each year and what they can do to prevent it next year.

Big Pappa said...

I have a bucket with a swivel seat on it. That is the best thing in the world. Comfy, and you can carry all your gear in it.