Thursday, July 5, 2007

Gun Recoil Reduction- How to Reduce Your Gun's Recoil

Recoil can be one of the major factors in deciding to get a gun, but with some tips you will be able to master a gun with larger recoil. Let’s start off with a lesson in recoil. Recoil is usually grouped in two categories perceived and real. Real recoil is measured in foot-pounds and perceived recoil is what you perceive or feel; this has a lot to do with how the gun and you are designed.
To figure out real recoil there is a complicated formula, but there are a couple websites that will help you and pretty much do all the work for you ( is a good one).
To help prevent perceived recoil some adjustments to the rifle or shotgun can be made. If the gun is a loud gun getting a pair of earmuffs will help drown out the sound ( has some good ones). Sound even though it doesn’t sound (pun intended) like it, is a crucial factor in how much recoil you think the gun has. The drop in the stock also has a lot to do with where the recoil is directed, adjusting this will also help.

Four Recoil Fixes for Your Gun:

1. Get a butt plate pad or have one installed.
-This will help cushion the recoil of your gun and keep it from hurting your shoulder. This will allow you to shoot longer.

2. If you have an old rifle that has lots of drop at its comb, get a newer stock with less.
-Older guns had combs with a large drop. This makes it uncomfortable to shoot. And it focuses the recoil of your gun more towards your face.

3. Put in one or two inertia recoil reducers, this will add weight to your rifle reducing the kick.
-I know no one here wants a physics lesson but it is necessary here. The added weight in the gun will need more force to be moved. Since the amount of force doesn't change, the speed of the recoil decreases. Your body can absorb the slower recoil more effectively but the faster recoil causes bruises. It also helps your gun be more accurate since the gun is not moved as much from recoil.

4. Get a muzzle brake. These help a lot with real recoil but make sure you get some good earmuffs or the sound will make you deaf.
-I have a muzzle brake on my gun and it helps a lot. Though it is louder, all you need are earmuffs and your gun's recoil will be greatly reduced. One negative is the fact that muzzle brakes can be expensive to install.

Your gun's recoil can be a big factor in the amount of time you spend practicing. No one wants to be repeatedly pounded from your guns recoil. By reducing your gun's recoil you can improve your shooting form because you won't flinch and practice more allowing you to improve your shot.

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