Thursday, July 5, 2007

Wolf Hunting Tips? Not yet...

It was predicted that the reintroduction of grey wolves in Yellowstone National Park would hurt the elk herd in a 1 to 10 loss, but that prediction was wrong. The elk population was actually reduced by almost half after the reintroduction of the grey wolf.
The last count of the grey wolf population in the Northern Rockies of Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming was 1,246 wolves. This population is at or very near the carrying capacity, but the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service won’t classify the grey wolf as certified. There reasons are that only Idaho and Montana have management plans for the grey wolf. Wyoming just states the grey wolf as a predator which allows anyone to shoot it anytime – which the USFWS denied.
The USFWS and Wyoming are still working on a compromise which could prove costly. Every week that they are still in dispute the elk population declines little by little. If they do not come up with a compromise soon the elk population could face serious problems in the next few years.

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