Thursday, July 26, 2007

Summer Deer Scouting Tips - How to Scout Deer in the Summer

for all you slackers.
There are many different ways to scout in the summer from trail cameras to just walking around in the woods looking for deer signs. These are some of my favorite ways to scout in the summer.

Scout from a Distance:
You can scout from a distance many different ways. You can sit on the edge of food fields with binoculars or a spotting scope and watch as deer come and go during the twilight time. As you do this you should be paying attention to the certain areas where you can set up a stand that will be where most the deer come in and out (or where the big buck does). You can also scout from your truck or car if the area you hunt is littered with roads.

Use Trail Cameras:
Trail cameras can be a great way to watch deer trails or food plots without disturbing the deer with your presence. The best trail cameras are the ones without the normal flash these don't spook deer (which is why we use trail cameras). You can put a trail camera anywhere you suspect a big bucks comes through or where you think there is a deer trail littered with does (this will help during the rut when all the bucks are searching for does).

Find the Core Areas:
When I'm talking about core areas I mean their bedding areas, food plots, and trails. You can do this with aerial photography or with trail cameras or if its early enough in the summer or spring you can just walk through the areas you suspect to find these areas and look for clues. Once you find these areas you can set up a stand/s that will take advantage of your hard or easy work.

If you take advantage of these tips your percentages of success will greatly increase. I know people who when doing these strategies have increased their success rate by two-fold.

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