Thursday, July 5, 2007

Minority Hunters

No, I’m not talking about African-Americans or Latinos. I’m talking about women. There are now more than three million women hunters in the United States according to a study by the National Sporting Goods Association. This is accounting for about twenty percent of the hunters in America . This may not sound like a lot but there has been a seventy percent increase in the women hunters in the last five years.
For some people this might not sound that exciting, but for women already hunting this shows that hunting is becoming a more fashionable thing to do. This is also good for us men hunters out their. Tell your wife or girlfriend these statistics and she might be more readily interested in hunting.
A lot of women have problems finding gear to wear while hunting, since hunting is a male dominated hobby. Some women decide to wear youth clothing to save money. Others will just live with men’s clothing, but for some comfort is everything. So they opt for female lines of hunting clothing.

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